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St. Luke The Evangelist Anglican Church

Ongoing Ministries at St. Luke's

Numerous programmes run at St. Luke's as we live out our mission of Christian Service to the parish, the community and the city.


Our lectors read the two lessons and lead the psalm during worship on Sunday mornings and at some of the special services such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve. 


Our servers are a multigenerational group who lead the choir into and out of the church during worship, receive the collection and help the priest prepare and clean up after the Communion.  They usually serve one Sunday a month.

Lay Assistants

Our lay assistants help with the distribution of the wine during the Communion services.  They usually serve one Sunday a month.


The mandate of the greeter is to welcome each and every worshipper on a Sunday morning personally, making sure they feel comfortable, welcomed and valued.  The greeter is a member of the Coffee Hour Group (see below)

Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group maintains contact with parishioners who are no longer able to get to church on Sunday mornings, due to age, illness or infirmity.  They will also visit parishioners in the hospitals.  They keep the priest informed of the status of these parishioners, so that he may make visits when needed.

Altar Guild

The work of the Altar Guild is to prepare the church for worship on Sunday mornings, including the setting up of the Altar area, arranging and displaying the flowers and making the sure the correct colour is displayed in the hangings.  It also does periodic polishing of the brass and silver, arranging special displays of flowers, etc. for Harvest Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  The Guild also orders supplies of bread and wine for worship, and prepare the church for special services such as Remembrance Day and Good Friday.

Coffee Hour Groups

The Coffee Hour Groups provide treats and do the preparation and set-up for the famous social times after each and every Sunday morning service.  The tea, coffee and home-made treats are the perfect catalist to get visitors to stay and get to know us better and to give us a time to catch up on what's happening in the lives of fellow parishioners.

The Anglican Church Women (ACW)

The Anglican Church Women meet monthly, September to June, for lunch, fellowship and education.  They raise funds through various means, the Olde Fashioned Christmas Bazaar being the largest endevour.  All women of the parish are members automatically, and are welcomed to come out to the meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at noon.  They support the parish, the Community Breakfast Programme (see below) and other worthwhile outreach projects such as the Fellowship Centre run out of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul which runs a hot lunch programme 5 days a week in the downtown core of the city of London.

The Community Breakfast Programme

The Community Breakfast Programme's mandate is to help deal with the City's hunger problem, and runs a free breakfast once a month in the Parish Hall.  Two breakfasts are run in the four summer months when other programmes have closed for the summer.  The breakfast takes place on the second Saturday of every month, and from May to August, a second breakfast is added on the fourth Sunday of the month.  Besides a hearty breakfast of cold cereals, scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, toast and coffee, the atmosphere is casual and never rushed.  Clients may get a bus ticket (graciously provided by the ACW) in order to get home again. Clients have told us that it's the best breakfast in town! 

Special Suppers

Special suppers are held from time to time throughout the year as fundraisers for the parish or as times to get together socially.  There is a Strawberry Social in June, sometimes a Blueberry Social in August and a Fall Ham Supper in October.  Dates for these dinners will be found on the Calendar page of this website once the date has been determined.

Bales for Keewatin 

This programme collects items such as clothing for children and adults, toys (nothing heavy or requiring batteries), school supplies, diapers, kitchen items, mixes, knitting wool, tooth paste and brushes, bedding.   These items are packed and shipped north to parishes in the Diocese of Keewatin, usually early to mid November.

White Gift Sunday

This programme collects toys, clothing etc. for the children of London at Christmas time.  The donations are blessed at St. Luke's during the Feast of St. Nicholas celebrations on the first Sunday of December and sent to the Cathedral's Sharing Programme for distribution to those in need in time for Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child

This programme works with the Franklin Graham Ministries to fill shoe boxes with gifts for children in the Third World.  They are collected at central locations in each geographic area and then shipped to the areas of the world where children would benefit from these shoe boxes.

Access for All Programme

This programme was mandated with the task of investigating, funding and providing equal access to the facilities in the building for all people, whether or not challenged in the area of mobility.  The committee fulfilled its mandate in August, 2010, with plans and funds available for a $225,000 addition to be built on the north-west corner of the building. 

Parish Council

Parish Council works as an advisory group to help the Wardens and Rector with the day to day running of a busy little parish such as St. Luke the Evangelist.  It meets monthly, on the third Tuesday of the month, from September to June.


Service Times

Sundays @10:30 am

Wednesdays @ 10:30 am

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